The Medical Equipment Leasing Specialist



“I’ve been working with the folks at Pantheon for more than 20 years and they always deliver what they promise”.

“Pantheon has unique, creative lease structures to meet our specific needs”.

“I signed a $1mm lease proposal with Pantheon. It was credit approved the same day and I received lease documents the next day…their service is the best”.

“Pantheon has great rates but what really impresses us is their attention to detail and their ability to assume so much of the administrative burden of managing the equipment acquisition process. Their service saves us a lot of time and money”.

“Anyone can lend money when you don’t need it. Pantheon understands healthcare and is there when we need them most.  Pantheon delivers”.

“We finance lots of small ticket items through our leases with Pantheon and they excel at managing the process”.

“I don’t have time to wait. It’s great to work directly with decision makers who have the ability to move quickly when we need them to”.

“Great rates, great service, great people”.

“Pantheon finances it all – from hard assets to soft costs including leasehold improvements, software and renovations”.

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